Dealing With Clients Efficiently

As a freelancer, your skills will be tested, but also the mantle of your core will be put through the fire. Clients can be demanding, especially when communication is not as smooth as it should be between you and the client.

However, there are some tips to put you in the best place while navigating a contract.


Exude Professionalism

It is widely known in the freelance community that professionalism is non-negotiable. It can play a huge part in not just landing a contract, but also getting paid on time. It is your responsibility to prove to clients that you are a person of value.

Research Your Clients without Intruding On Their Privacy

The thing with freelancing for some contractors is that they think clients are “not real,” or they are “virtual.” No, these are real people, living in homes with families like you. If you have enough information about a potential client, do your homework and research them online. You might learn a thing or two valuable peculiarities about their business. It could also quickly help you avert the heartbreak of fraudulent clients. Some very unscrupulous individuals often pose other people just to get you to work for them (and of course, they never pay you for this).

So, a little digging into your client won’t hurt at all.


Don’t Drive a Hard Bargain

You should understand that while your work is worth it, the financial situation of a client might not be as robust. You can attract more clients when you are flexible within reasonable limits. Look at your colleagues on other platforms; make sure that your rate is competitive. Don’t give your clients the avenue to think twice about awarding you a contract.

It doesn’t matter if you charge hourly rates or a fixed rate; you should look to give some leeway that aids negotiation professionally.


Make Milestones

It cannot be overstated; a milestone is a commitment by an employer. Once there is a milestone payment in place, clients cannot defraud you. And yes, this is an excellent way to fish out the fake clients; those that want to steal your work and run away without paying.


Have Several Payment Options Available

It makes it easy for a wide range of clients to pay you. And it also speaks to your versatility on the job. You can have bank transfer and some online payment method verified. Don’t forget to send in your invoices on time. A good client always appreciates a timely freelancer. Finally, do your best to resist the temptation. Some clients will promise you heaven on earth just to start their project early. No, you should never work unless your previous invoice has been settled. You are not obliged to chase down clients to pay you. It is payment for your hard work; it should come without stress.

Whenever policy, sign an NDA. A Non-disclosure agreement offers legal cover for both you and your clients. It is especially important when you are working on sensitive information. Copyright laws are put in place to reduce abuse of the privilege to report.


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