Freelance Web Designer: the Best FREE Stock Photos Websites

Why settle for less. If pictures genuinely tell a thousand words, you want to well aware of the best places on the web to recruit some of the most candid photos out there. Too many websites offer rubbish as an excuse for photography. The art of freezing an object, place or a beautiful goes beyond clicking a capture button on a camera. Also, you shouldn’t have to part with an arm and a leg to get a good stock photo off the internet. Let us look at a few of these free websites that offer stock photos 1. Gratisography Enjoy


Freelance Designer: How to Build Your Portfolio

We can’t stress enough how important is to have an amazing looking portfolio. Even if you are a coder you still need a way to showcase you work. When building portfolio pay attention to a few things. One is the thumbnail image of your showcase project and the second thing is a number of selected projects. Do not showcase everything and do not have hundreds of projects in your portfolio. Choose the best ones – they can be 4-12. You can showcase your portfolio on your personal website or on some the websites such as Dribble and Behance for design,


Dealing With Clients Efficiently

As a freelancer, your skills will be tested, but also the mantle of your core will be put through the fire. Clients can be demanding, especially when communication is not as smooth as it should be between you and the client. However, there are some tips to put you in the best place while navigating a contract. Exude Professionalism It is widely known in the freelance community that professionalism is non-negotiable. It can play a huge part in not just landing a contract, but also getting paid on time. It is your responsibility to prove to clients that you are


How to Choose a Client

It goes without saying that, as a freelancer, with every job application you submit, you stand the risk of being interviewed by a fraudulent or difficult client. As a freelancer, you always want to work with clients that appreciate your services and understand the demands of your craft. Some clients can pretend to be legit, only to bail out once they receive results from you. I will give you four significant red flags of a “bad” client. Asking For a Form of Deposit A real client will never ask you to get involved financially, before awarding you the project. Clients


The Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Stuff

Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the clients and the projects directly and you prefer to sell your stuff on some of the online marketplace. The most common are Envato, Creative Market and Etsy in case you are working with a physical products. When you sell on these website pro thing is you don’t have to invest money on marketing and building your store. Your products gets sold by the platform that generates the traffic for you. Con is that their fees can be 50%, which means they are taking the big chunk of your earnings. You can

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Ways to Make Money Online

And it begins with a mindset; one that puts you in a mental space vulnerable yet knowledgeable on the potential potholes on the road to making money online. The power of anticipation is significant if you aspire to earn a substantial income online. While you are at it, you should also look to make your income into passive income. The more active you are, the more likely you are to burn out quickly. Even, it goes without saying that, passive income helps you free up space in your mind on a daily basis to get innovative (and rake in more


How to Choose Your Freelance Career

Many people wants to be a freelancers because they will have the freedom to choose when, where and how they will work. They don’t have a boss and sometimes they don’t have to commute for hours. They can work from home or nearby coffee shop. The question that many of them keep asking us is what to do actually. That is a tricky question that assumes you can do everything and you can just pick the niche. In reality to be good at anything requires a hard work. When brainstorming about the things you could do online ask yourself a

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10 Tools to Increase Your Productivity

To succeed, you are almost always required to show consistency in productivity. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to deliver; at all time.  Now, just imagine some platform where employees can post, delegate and discuss projects, monitor progress on assignments, evaluate patterns, prioritize these projects, and mark tasks as “done.” It is indeed what we have in some apps that have come to the rescue. Let’s take a look at some of these, shall we? 1. WorkflowMax Are you familiar with how credit card operators promise “cash back”? Well, this is somewhat similar; WorkflowMax promises “hours back.” Records suggest over


How to Get Paid as a Freelancer

The joy of freelancing is mostly in doing some work right on your laptop and seeing your financial status rise. However, there is always the challenge of payments being delayed or not coming through as expected. Sometimes, these hitches in payment stem from a lack of understanding of the various payment methods available to you. First of all, there is more than one method at your disposal. Let’s explore some in brief details. PayPal PayPal is probably the most common payment platform out there. Freelancers enjoy PayPal for its renowned and reliable payment solutions in many parts of the world.