Top 10 Freelance Websites to Find Your Gig 

Freelancing has become commonplace, so websites for freelancers are a dime a dozen nowadays. But only a few of them are reliable. Many have been created for the sole purpose of generating revenue through ads, spreading malware, and collecting emails for spam marketing. They capitalize on the high volume of traffic from people seeking work opportunities online.

If you are looking for genuinely useful resources for your online job hunt, check out the following top 10 freelance websites to get started.


  • Upwork


How can a list of leading freelancing platforms be complete without this website? Upwork is one of the biggest and most well-known freelancing platforms at present. It is the result of the consolidation of Elance and oDesk, two of the most popular freelancing websites back in the day. It has more than 12 million freelancers and up to 5 million registered companies.

The site helps freelancers work more efficiently with its consolidated invoicing and billing, custom reporting, contract management, and account management features. It also provides worker classification and compliance services.


  • was originally an Australian crowd sourcing marketplace before it expanded to serve more markets worldwide. Helping its growth was the acquisition of several similar marketplaces including,, LimeExchange,,, vWorker, and It has its headquarters in Sydney and offices in London, Manila, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, and Vancouver.

It allows members to customize the job offers they receive and provides free chat, invoicing, and time tracking. For companies, the site provides free job posting and contest posting services. has a secure payment system that includes the ability to set “milestones” that freelancers need to reach before they can receive their pay.


  • Guru


Formerly known as,  Guru is one of the oldest freelance marketplaces and focuses on helping companies find freelance workers. It matches job hunters with jobs based on their experience. Most of the jobs posted on the site are in the field of software development, web design, marketing, content writing, translation, engineering, finance, and administrative and secretarial work.

Projects can be fixed price, hourly, task-based, or recurrent payment schemes. The site also offers custom enterprise solutions with compliance and security benefits.


  • Fiverr


Tel Aviv-based Fiverr is a global platform for online freelancers launched in 2010. Just like other websites, it has become one of the major players in the field after acquiring other online companies including the video creation marketplace VeedMe, freelancer software developer AND CO, and content marketing platform ClearVoice.

Fiverr helps online job seekers make the most out of freelancing with various features including a private communication platform, the ability to set custom offers, multiple category posting, and its relatively low fees. This platform emphasizes confidentiality for everyone, guaranteeing that transaction details are only revealed to the two parties involved.


  • PeoplePerHour


Founded in 2007, PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance marketplace that specializes in the human resource needs of startups and SMEs. Hailed as one of “Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups of 2012,” PeoplePerHour helps businesses of all sizes find the right freelancer for job vacancies regardless of geographical location.

The site has a dedicated team that “curates” professional listings to make sure that only high-quality freelancers reach prospective employers. To make sure that projects are completed efficiently, the site provides a variety of tools such as progress monitoring, messaging, a project history viewer, and streamlined account management.


  • Craigslist


Over time Craigslist’s reputation as a tool for freelancers may have suffered, as scammers and swindlers took advantage of the site’s minimal regulation. However, Craigslist is still one of the go-to sites for freelancing. You just need to exercise a healthy dose of skepticism when looking at postings.

What makes Craigslist a great resource is its extensive reach and the ability to view postings by location and category. There’s an endless stream of potential work on the site, as long as you can instinctively filter the fraudulent posts.


  • Twago


Regarded as Europe’s largest online platform for contractors and clients, Twago brings together freelancers and employers in an easy-to-use platform. It does not only serve freelancers in Europe but online job seekers from various parts of the world. To date, it has over 150,000 projects posted, including jobs for programmers, designers, app developers, writers, and online marketers.

The site mainly serves companies, allowing them to post their projects and receive offers from freelancers. The site provides a secure payment system that includes an escrow service referred to as “Twago SafePay.”


  • Toptal


A private global freelancing platform founded in 2010, Toptal provides businesses the guarantee that they can hire the top 3% of freelance talent through the site. It operates as an exclusive network for renowned freelancers in the field of software development, web and graphics design, finance, and product management.

Toptal differentiates itself from other virtual talent platforms with its fast turnaround of fewer than 3 weeks, low failure rate, job candidate pre-screening, and no-risk trial.


  • Nexxt


One of the largest job sites, Nexxt claims to offer millions of job postings from thousands of companies and hundreds of sites. It distinguishes itself from other platforms by giving freelancers three focuses as they look for job opportunities: career focus, local focus, and diversity focus.

You can immediately proceed to search for gigs that suit you through the site’s search bar, or you can browse based on the focus you prefer. The focus browsing directs you to specific websites that present more specialized options.


  • Simply Hired


Simply Hired is not a website dedicated to freelancing work but a general employment site. However, it can serve as an excellent resource for freelancers. With its extensive collection of job listings from thousands of employers, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for jobs from nearby employers. The site was ranked third in Forbes’ 2013 list of “Top 10 Best Websites for Your Career” and is still popular among freelancers.

This is not an exhaustive listing of the most useful freelancing resources on the web. But if you are looking for a place to start, then visiting any of the sites above will likely lead you to something productive as you look for new gigs.

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